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They Threw Her Baby in the Trash

When I think about all of the heartbreaking stories we’ve heard from women across the country over the course of our Dignity campaign, I have to say: this is definitely one of the worst.

Pamela Winn was sentenced to 78 months in federal prison. She was a single mother and a nurse practitioner when she was incarcerated. She was also six weeks pregnant.

Pamela Winn - attn

While in federal prison, Pamela tragically tripped over the shackles that were bound around her feet during transport. Unfortunately, Pamela suffered a tragic miscarriage because of the prison staff’s refusal to provide her with the care she needed.

Pamela still carries a great deal of pain from her incarceration - but she’s using that pain to fuel her advocacy.

Since her release from prison last year, Pamela and her organization RESTORE HER have worked with #cut50 to educate state lawmakers on a Dignity bill that was recently introduced in Georgia. She also joined us for a special roundtable with Senator Cory Booker in Washington, D.C. to discuss the federal Dignity Act.

Please watch her story and sign up to join Pamela in the fight for Dignity for Incarcerated Women.  Together, we can make sure no woman has to suffer the pain and trauma Pamela has.

Jessica Jackson
National Director at #cut50, an initiative of the Dream Corps

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