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The Independent - Majority of US House women unite on bill protecting pregnant prisoners

#cut50 is honored to support the Pregnant Women in Custody Act. We were excited to contribute to this article in which our Georgia Dignity Ambassador, Pamela Winn, shares her gut-wrenching story and her hope for this legislation:

"Ms. Winn is thrilled the issue is getting national attention. She emphasised the importance of data collection on pregnant inmates, which is currently spotty and difficult to access. The biggest threat to pregnant prisoners, she said, is that they are simply ignored.

“Who knows how many women are in there, and may be going through something worse than what I went through, and nobody even knows they’re there,” she said.

The Pregnant Women in Custody Act, which aims to provide a national standard of care for pregnant prisoners, was introduced in the House today by Representatives Karen Bass (D-Calif.), Mia Love (R-Utah), and Catherine Clark (D-Mass), with the bipartisan support of the majority of women serving in Congress.

"How we treat people when they are incarcerated is shameful to our country," Representative Karen Bass says.
Read the full story at Independent.co.uk

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