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Statement on Kim Kardashian West Visit to the White House

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#cut50’s Statement On Kim Kardashian
White House Meeting On Prison Reform

Jessica Jackson Sloan, National Director of #cut50


“We commend Ms. Kardashian-West for putting people over politics today. Ms. Alice Johnson’s case demonstrates just how broken our federal criminal justice system is. And just like hundreds of people who have come to know Ms. Alice Johnson or the injustice of her case, Kim is calling on President Trump to exercise his clemency power to right this wrong.

Few reasonable people would say that it makes any sense to keep a great-grandmother in prison for the remainder of her life because of a first-time drug conviction from 20+ years ago.

I hope that the attention paid to Kim’s visit today translates into a bright light on the many injustices of our prison system. Last week, a prison reform bill endorsed by President Trump overwhelmingly passed the U.S. House with bipartisan support. As we work to make that reform possible we stand with leaders, organizations, and advocates of all types who are fighting to bring real change to people behind bars.

There is little public safety rationale for keeping an elderly woman like Ms. Alice locked away for the rest of her life at taxpayers' expense - when she could be mentoring young women in her community and being a positive member of society outside of prison walls.

I hope Ms. Alice, and many many others, have the chance at freedom that they deserve.”


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