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Statement in Response to the Appointment of Sheriff David Clarke to Assistant Secretary at DHS

From: Jessica Jackson Sloan, National Director of #cut50 and Mayor of Mill Valley, CA

In response to: The appointment of Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke to serve as Assistant Secretary to Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Partnership and Programs, liaising with 18,000 law enforcement agencies around the country:

“This appointment is deeply troubling to me and the many other leaders in local government and within the bipartisan criminal justice reform movement. A sheriff who sits idly by as babies and the mentally ill die in his jail of torture and dehydration does not deserve to hold any government office let alone a position at the Department of Homeland Security.”

“Sheriff Clarke’s ideas about our criminal justice and immigration systems are radical and far out of step with any rational or evidence-based approach to public safety. He has called for the suspension of habeas corpus and threatened to lock up a million people in Guantanamo. These ideas deserve to be relegated to the fringes of our society rather than elevated to national significance.”

“Following last week’s decision by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to stiffen prosecution and sentencing, this appointment threatens to further damage police-community relations and slow bipartisan progress reforming our very broken criminal justice system.“

“Unfortunately, this position does not require Senate approval - there is no way Clarke would have passed that test. Since the DHS has not yet confirmed this announcement, I strongly urge Secretary Kelly and others in the administration to reconsider.”

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