Past Campaigns

Over the last two years, we've united some of the most unlikely alliances to launch innovative, strategic criminal justice reform campaigns. We're very proud of our successes! Check out some of our past campaigns: 

#ClemencyNow was a success!

#ClemencyNOW is our campaign urging President Obama to fulfill his promise to thousands of non-violent drug offenders languishing in federal prisons. In 2014, the President directed the Department of Justice to prioritize clemency for thousands of nonviolent drug offenders.  But after two years, the sluggish pace of reviews threatens to leave many deserving men and women behind bars when the President leaves office in January.  #cut50 is calling on the President to pull out all stops to make sure he keeps his promise.  Between now and January, #ClemencyNOW will organize celebrities, advocates, academics, and those directly impacted by the incarceration industry to spotlight the people, family members and communities that are all counting on the President.



#FeesAndFines is a multimedia campaign to shine light on a new wave of punishment spreading across America - monetary sanctions known as Fees and Fines. Two hundred years ago, the United States abolished debtors prisons but a new wave of monetary sanctions is bringing back the practice. This campaign aims to shine light on the activists, lawmakers and community members working to end a vicious cycle of poverty and incarceration perpetuated by Fees and Fines. 

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