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New York remains one of two states in the United States that prosecutes and sends youth as young as 16 to adult prisons. Our efforts in New York center on policy issues state Democrats and Republicans can join together to advance criminal justice reform and ensure public safety.


  1. Call your State Senator and tell them to vote for the budget to #RaiseTheAgeRIGHT. Feel free to use this spreadsheet to easily contact your representative.
  2. Once you've called your representative, please call the following leaders: Governor Andrew Cuomo [(518) 474-8390], Senate Leader John Flanagan [(518) 455-2071], and Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein [(518) 455-3595]. Demand they propose and pass a budget to #RaiseTheAgeRIGHT.
  3. Share the campaign to #RaiseTheAgeRIGHT on Facebook or Twitter with your networks and spread the message that children should never be sent to adult prisons. The time to #RaiseTheAgeRIGHT is now.

#RaiseTheAgeRIGHT: Tell NY State to Stop Sending Children to Adult Prisons


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Today, New York finds itself at a crucial point in history as the Governor and State Senate decide to stop prosecuting youth as adults. New York remains one of only two states that criminalizes children as adults and sends them into the adult criminal justice system, even though research and common sense shows this is wrong.

The Facts: 

  • Approximately 80% of youth released from adult prisons will re-offend going on to commit more serious crimes
  • Over 70% of 16 and 17-year-olds arrested in New York are Black or Latino. Of those sentenced, 80% are Black or Latino.
  • Young people in adult prisons are 36 times more likely to commit suicide than in a juvenile facility. 
  • Approximately 50,000 16 and 17-year-olds are arrested each year in New York and face the possibility of being prosecuted as an adult in criminal court every year - the vast majority of them for non-violent crimes. 


Criminalizing youth as adults is not only unsafe for children - it is also impacting our ability to keep communities safe. We should be creating sensible solutions to address youth crime, such as investing in education and rehabilitative services. The state of New York must #RaiseTheAge of criminal responsibility immediately. 

We're proud to partner with the Justice League NYC, Assemblymember Michael Blake, Raise The Age NY, and several other criminal justice advocates to work towards seeing a country that humanizes our children and prioritizes education over incarceration. 


"The measures being discussed would have saved Kalief Browder's life." — Van Jones

WATCH: The Kalief Browder Story Trailer, now airing on Spike.


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