#cut50 fights for policies that

Keep families together.

Keep communities safe.

Protect children & young adults.

Provide pathways to opportunity.




Federal Reform

#JusticeReformNOW is our campaign for transformative bipartisan federal legislation that would begin to rectify the overly harsh and racially disparate . This legislation would reform mandatory minimum sentencing, establish alternatives to incarceration, and provide men and women returning home from prison with an opportunity to succeed. Policies passed at the federal level will create more political space for change at the local level.






California has the opportunity to lead on criminal justice reform. California helped begin the mass incarceration movement but has recently led the nation with progressive reforms that have reduced both incarceration and crime. California policy has always moved the needle for the rest of the country and we are at a critical moment to have a huge impact on changing human rights abuses in the criminal justice system.





Fees and Fines

#FeesAndFines was a multimedia campaign to shine light on a new wave of punishment spreading across America - monetary sanctions known as Fees and Fines. Two hundred years ago, the United States abolished debtors prisons but a new wave of monetary sanctions is bringing back the practice. This campaign aims to shine light on the activists, lawmakers and community members working to end a vicious cycle of poverty and incarceration perpetuated by Fees and Fines.

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