In the midst of unprecedented bipartisan momentum,  We Are Here, the social justice movement founded by Alicia Keys, has partnered with #cut50 to petition Congress and the White House to pass meaningful criminal justice reforms. The campaign - #WeAreHere 4 #JusticeReformNOW - focuses on the impact of mass incarceration on families, building upon Alicia’s 10 years’ experience working on groundbreaking, life-saving initiatives that have saved millions of children’s lives.

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We are at a turning point in the movement against mass incarceration and against a criminal justice system that fails to make us safer and inflicts significant damage on individuals and communities.  Take action and join our #JusticeReformNOW campaign today!



#cut50 is a national bipartisan effort to safely and smartly reduce our incarcerated population by 50 percent over the next 10 years using proven, bipartisan solutions. We are catalyzing new and unlikely partnerships and elevating proven solutions. We are amplifying the voices of those impacted by the system and driving a national narrative of justice, redemption, and transformation.

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