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#cut50 Applauds Governor Brown for Blending Compassion with Evidence

As reported in the Los Angeles Times: "Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed nine bills to aid young people facing charges and serving time, a victory for a statewide coalition of criminal justice groups that brought together celebrities and former youth offenders in a push to divert children from a path to prison."

Photo credit: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation - modified by #cut50

#cut50 Co-Founder Van Jones: “These bills combine evidence-based policy making with a strong sense of compassion and will result in a justice system that prioritizes healing, rehabilitation, and transformation.”

“With the stroke of his pen, the Governor has boldly ended the barbaric practice of sentencing children to die in prison, given hope of a second chance to thousands of men and women convicted as youth, and helped protect the Constitutional rights of children across the state. These bills combine evidence-based policy making with a strong sense of compassion and will result in a justice system that prioritizes healing, rehabilitation, and transformation."  

#cut50 National Director and Co-founder Jessica Jackson said “This is a historic victory that brings us one step closer to justice for youth." 

#cut50 plans to travel across the state on a listening tour to the ten counties experiencing the highest upticks in crime, including Los Angeles, Alameda and San Bernardino. The tour will be an opportunity to hear on the ground insights from people most impacted by crime and incarceration. We will bring together District Attorney’s, Sheriffs, including Probation and Parole Leadership, Mayors and Legislators, as well as currently and formerly incarcerated individuals and their families to roundtable discussions after touring local jails.

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  • Ana Maria
    commented 2018-11-17 22:08:14 -0800
    My mercy que difícil resultó enamorarme de usted. No tenemos opción de hablar cariñosamente o sensualmente. Ha sido el amor más difícil. Espero que todo salga bien.
  • Brad Wolfe
    commented 2018-02-22 10:19:43 -0800
    This is total BS. We passed Prop 57 in California and Jerry Brown has only release 18% of the eligible. Jerry Brown needs to be held accountable for selling California a Fake Proposition. This is inevitable another fake effort. This problem will not be solved until you start monitoring and regulating the District Attorneys who are abusing their powers and taking advantage of a system that doesn’t let because defend themselves properly.
  • Cheryllynne Leal
    commented 2017-10-12 10:06:28 -0700
    I work for one of the state’s largest children’s services providers. The prison system is not the answer for more than 90% of children and youth who violate the law. Thank you Jerry Brown! This is another beautiful step, in concert with the Continuum of Care Reform Act, toward ensuring that youth who make terrible choices, due to trauma, abuse, abandonment or neglect are not further rejected and abandoned by the system. Together, we can help them repair their lives, learn from their mistakes and become a voice for change in communities where poverty, substance abuse, poor education and inadequate healthcare create an evironment of limited options and few positive examples to follow.
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