A Cycle of Poverty & Incarceration

web15-equality-mississippi-qumotriakennedy-1160x864.jpgEconomic pressures associated with America's ballooning prison and criminal justice systems have created a new wave of punishment in the form of monetary sanctions known as fees and fines. In addition to locking people up in physical prisons, these policies trap some of our most vulnerable citizens in financial prisons, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

While the bipartisan movement for criminal justice reform has benefited from widespread media attention, that same level of awareness has not yet been brought to the issue of fees and fines.

In partnership with the Arnold Foundation, #cut50 is leading a multimedia public engagement campaign combining policy expertise, celebrity reach, political partnerships and the voices of the American people to drive reform. 

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We are also excited to partner with Actor / Filmmaker / Activist Matthew Cooke, whose social justice and advocacy commentaries have been viewed over 100 million times on Facebook to produce these videos:


This long standing barbaric practice the state demands of our police officers is a root cause of our criminal justice mess. Join me and cut50 to raise awareness about this authoritarian unAmerican practice called #feesandfines Share it if you feel it. 


The anti-American practice of abusing our public safety institutions to extract revenues for the state is commonplace.
Join cut50 in raising awareness to change this cancerous practice of #feesandfines SHARE it if you feel it.


Some of #cut50's funding is provided by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation but #cut50 maintains full editorial autonomy. The views expressed in this post are those of the author.  

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