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Empathy Network

The movement for criminal justice reform just got a lot more powerful. #cut50 is excited to announce The Empathy Network!

Earlier this year, #cut50 hosted the first national Day of Empathy, bringing thousands of people who have been personally impacted by the criminal justice system to speak with their legislators about reform. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of 80+ local organizations across the country, this was one of the largest mobilizations of people in support of criminal justice reform and public safety ever!

Building on that momentum, #cut50 is excited to announce The Empathy Network; which will serve as a training ground for individuals and groups participating in our 2nd annual Day of Empathy on March 6, 2018!

Watch & share our official announcement!

 Our goal is to highlight existing work being done by your organization and others in your state, while at the same time showing how that work connects with a nationwide, bipartisan, criminal justice reform movement.  

#cut50 has developed a webinar series which will focus on storytelling, media training, using online petitions and campaigns, coalition building, and the impact of using data in our movement.

We have created, a virtual space for our Empathy Network participants to share letters of support, collaborate on research, discuss and develop legislative solutions, exchange ideas for events, and share best practices in achieving criminal justice reform. Our hope is that the Empathy Network will help all of our partner organizations, particularly, smaller organizations with limited resources, to expand their reach and share in the fruits of each other’s labor.

JOIN our Empathy Network and invite other partners and individuals who have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system to join the movement.  Please reach out directly to sandhya@cut50.org to arrange a call if you are interested in working with us to make the Day of Empathy an even bigger success in 2018.

We hope we can count on your support and participation!


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