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Storytelling Workshops!

Host: The Million Person Project

Description: Teaching individuals to dive into their narrative, gaining clarity and competence around their story, as well as building community across the Empathy Network. People will have the ability to share their homework, questions and narrative drafts, get feedback from MPP leaders, #cut50 and their peers. In past trainings, MPP has seen really powerful and thoughtful interaction within participants - who were not otherwise connected to one another. Here, we are starting with a base of individuals who are already organized around being members of the Empathy Network and having participated in the Day of Empathy 2017 or planning to do so in 2018. We believe the cross-pollination and connection between all of the groups will be particularly powerful.

The main outcome will be stronger and more developed narratives for all individual participants, and strong community building across the Empathy Network. We will choose profiles to spotlight on our Empathy Network/Day of Empathy page of the #cut50 website, Facebook Page, Twitter and in emails, leading up to the Day of Empathy in March of 2018.

Webinar #1: Life Mapping

Description: Exploring why stories are such a potent force for change in our world. Participants will begin the process of story excavation with an introduction to life mapping and instructions on how to complete their own life map.

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Webinar #2: Your Story is Your Power

Description: Participants will identify a specific audience and their goal for that audience. They will be introduced to the Public Narrative framework (Self, Us, Now) and will take a deep dive into the Story of Self.

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Webinar #3: Honing Your Message, Using Your Voice

Description: During session three, we will take a deep dive into the story of Us and story of Now. We will also have participants affirm how and where they’d like to share their message.

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Webinar #4: How To Be An Effective Advocate for Criminal Justice Reform

Description: The FrameWorks Institute's mission is to advance the nonprofit sector's communications capacity by identifying, translating, and modeling relevant scholarly research to frame the public discourse on social problems. This webinar will help teach you how express your message​ about criminal justice issues​ more effectively -- to the media, legislators and, to the public​.  ​It’s vital for advocates to be well informed about the political and social climate around criminal justice reform​ and the current research in the field. ​Along with el​a​vat​ing​ the voices and stories of people most impacted by the criminal justice system​,​ communicating your issues persuasively, is key in countering the existing ‘tough on crime’ narrative, and showing that relying solely on crime and punishment, does not work.

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