Dignity Act Georgia

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HB 475 & HB 345 The Dignity Act Georgia

The purpose of this bill is to give adequate access to feminine hygiene products and medical information concerning menopause and other health issues unique to women. This bill would also eliminate embarrassing practices incarcerated women are subject to by male correctional officers, like strip searches. This bill would also force the department of corrections to take into account the location of an incarcerated women's spouse of children. This would also ensure gender sensitivity training.

Bill Status: HB 345 was signed into law on May 8th, 2019.

Bill Authors: Rep Sharon Cooper (R-43) and David Dreyer (D-59th)

Coauthors: Silcox, Deborah 52ndAnulewicz, Teri 42nd, Rich, Bonnie 97thHarrell, Brett 106thHatchett, Matt 150thShannon, Renitta 84th, Schofield, Kim 60th, Boddie, William 62nd, Cannon, Park 58th, Nguyen, Bee 89th

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Pamela Winn


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