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#cut50's National Director, Jessica Jackson, was honored to share her story as part of the digital activation of NationalGeographic's world premiere of The Story of Us, which features Morgan Freeman traveling across the globe to meet resilient individuals who, through their own powerful stories, teach us about the innate forces at work in each of us. 

"I think the biggest issue is really, and the reason why everybody should care about reforming our criminal justice system, is because it’s a public safety issue. The current system we have is so adversarial and perpetuates so much pain. It fails to rehabilitate people, it fails to create any meaningful opportunities for them to actually succeed. It’s just feeding this cycle of crimes and violence and hurt. And it’s causing our streets to be less safe. What we really need to do instead of just incarcerating people is we need to get them the support they need so they can be contributing members of our society and give to our communities instead of taking away by committing crimes or by ending up back in prison."

Read the full interview with Jessica here.


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