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Media Advisory for: July 25-28, 2016

Contact: Alex Gudich, alex@cut50.org or 415.240.2016


July 25-28: Criminal Justice Reform Activists Plan DNC Blitz Featuring Celebs and Virtual Reality

** Van Jones, President of The Dream Corps and CNN contributor along with Jessica Jackson Sloan, #cut50 National Director and Vice Mayor of Mill Valley, CA, and Matt Haney, #cut50 Co-founder and President of the San Francisco School Board are available for interviews


PHILADELPHIA, PA-#cut50, Rock the Vote, Alicia Keys, Hill Harper along with other partners, plan to blitz the Democratic National Convention with an array of panels, live musical performances and a virtual reality film screening to shine a spotlight on our broken criminal justice system and urge party leaders to put an end to the era of mass incarceration.

Members of the media are invited to the following events in Philadelphia:


Politico Just Reform: An Evening with Alicia Keys and Van Jones


WHO:   Van Jones, Alicia Keys, Senator Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Cherise Fanno Burdeen, Pre-Trial Justice Institute, Adam Foss

WHEN: Monday July 25, 2016 - 5:00 PM-7:00 PM w/ cocktail hour to follow

WHERE: 2001 Market Street
   2 Commerce Square
   Philadelphia, PA 19107

Exclusive Day of Empathy Virtual Reality Film Screening at the DNC


WHO:  Day of Empathy, a project of The Dream Corps and #cut50
More info at www.dayofempathy.com

WHEN: Monday - Thursday, July 25– 28, 2016
Screening daily from 09:00 a.m. - 04:00 p.m.

WHERE: Democratic National Convention

Pennsylvania Convention Center

Booth at the 200-level
1101 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Will Criminal Justice Reform Ever Happen


WHO: Van Jones, Rep. Keith Ellison, Rep. Barbara Lee, Neera Tanden, Judith Browne Dianis and others

WHEN: 11:00 AM, Tuesday July 26, 2016

WHERE: Truth To Power, in partnership with Rock The Vote

               990 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia PA 19107

OVERVIEW: For the first time in history, one of the nation’s major political parties officially adopted a plank in its convention platform calling for an end to “the era of mass incarceration.” The Democratic Party plank further addresses issues that have long been on the criminal justice reform movement’s policy agenda:  “shutting down private prisons, ending racial profiling, reforming the grand jury process, investing in re-entry programs, banning the box to help give people a second chance and prioritizing treatment over incarceration for individuals suffering addiction.”

WHAT: Aloe Blacc Performance + Gatekeepers of Truth

WHO: Van Jones, Aloe Blacc,Hill Harper and more

WHEN: 4:00PM-5:15 PM Tuesday, July 26

WHERE: Truth To Power, in partnership with Rock The Vote

               990 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia PA 19107

OVERVIEW: Paul Robeson once famously said, "Artists are the gatekeepers of truth" The artist panel will expose truths, humanize social struggle, and actualize grievances and fears. Art is more than just a tool to help us achieve these goals: it is the lens through which we view them, the voice through which we demand them, and the universal language through which we all understand them. The artists in this panel work in all kinds of mediums, but they have a common goal: to give voice to those most impacted by the broken criminal justice system.

WHAT: The Secret Strategy: The Role of Prosecutors in Transforming Criminal Justice (or Not)

WHO: Kim Foxx, Seth Williams, Ken Thompson, Adam Foss moderated by ​Rashad Robinson

WHEN: 5:40 PM - 6:40 PM Tuesday, July 26

WHERE: Truth To Power, in partnership with Rock The Vote

               990 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia PA 19107


Americans are waking up to the unfairness of our racially-charged criminal justice system. But few understand the role that prosecutors can play as change-makers… or as barriers to change. Prosecutorial elections are often uncontested, and rarely provide the platform for advancing progressive ideas and mobilizing the progressive base. But that’s changing—more and more advocates are making these elections a big deal for the public (and for the movement), and more and more aspiring prosecutors are motivated and equipped to make change. Current, former and candidates for District Attorney will talk about the big opportunities we’re missing when we ignore these elections, and discuss the reforms they believe will actually transform criminal justice.

Join a provocative discussion featuring candidate for Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx, Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams and Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson. Moderated by Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color Of Change.

A World Beyond Prisons


WHO:  ​Melissa Fitzgerald, drug court graduates, Karen Freeman­ Wilson, Richard Schiff (Toby Ziegler), Tony Goldwyn (Fitz from Scandal),  Carmen Perez, Glenn Martin, Matt Haney, Baz Dreisinger

WHEN: 3:40 Wednesday, July 27

WHERE: Truth To Power, in partnership with Rock The Vote

               990 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia PA 19107


America's addiction to prisons has failed - over 2.2 million people are locked behind bars and after serving their time, 60% will return to prison within 3 years. 70 million people walk through life with a criminal record and 5 million children grew up with at least one incarcerated parent. This is deeply affecting the safety, economic success, and vitality of our communities.

Yet we also sit at the precipice of a historic moment - the Democratic party platform is committed to "ending the era of mass incarceration." As we begin to question the role of punishment for punishment's sake, we must ask ourselves what are the alternatives to prison and how can we achieve a world beyond prisons, where underlying conditions like addiction and mental illness are treated with rehabilitation rather than punished through incarceration.


#cut50 is a program of The Dream Corps, an organization that links economic, environmental and criminal justice innovators inside a single organization, and supercharges their strategies with world-class partnerships, smart digital tools and national media access.


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