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Chapter One: Accountability

As part of our #FirstWatch campaign, we launched Chapter 1: Accountability of our series, which aims to humanize these men who are taking responsibility for the harm that they have caused to their victims and victims’ families as well as the community that was impacted by their crime. These three videos show the ripple effects of their crime and how the lives of people who were hurt are affected.



Anouthinh "Choy" Pangtong

Choy exemplifies accountability and transformation. His account is very powerful. #FirstWatch


Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll's Story

Wall Street focuses on three things: finance, feelings and freedom. He gets to the root of most money problems -- by showing people how their feelings ruin their finances. Along the way, he gives people freedom from debt and financial fears. He does all of this while serving a life sentence behind bars at San Quentin. #FirstWatch


Antwan Williams' Story

Antwan has something to tell his loved one who went down the path he did. #FirstWatch


Adnan Khan's Story

When Adnan went to trial for a crime he committed, he never realized he would come full circle to someone from his childhood. #FirstWatch

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