Pretrial Diversion for Caregivers


In California, a group of lawmakers have come together to introduce Senate Bill 394, the Primary Caregiver Pretrial Diversion Act.

This legislation would send parents of dependent minors on a path toward rehabilitation by setting up a new pretrial diversion court that focuses on services and programs rather than incarceration. Without entering a guilty plea, primary caregivers would be placed into treatment, job placement, parenting classes, counseling, financial literacy courses, and/or drug, alcohol and mental health treatment.  

10 million children in America have experienced parental incarceration. Separated from their parents by incarceration, these children suffer tremendous emotional damage and may end up in foster care or group homes. Even after a parent or primary caregiver returns home, families often face tremendous barriers to financial stability.

SB 394 can prevent some of those children from losing their parents to incarceration. And it gives parents the opportunity to seek treatment and support, so they can be better caregivers to their children.

Sign this petition to say you support SB 394 – legislation that keeps families together instead of tearing them apart and continuing the intergenerational cycle of incarceration.

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