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Announcing: Second Chance Summit ATLANTA



The Second Chance Summit is designed to educate, inspire, and encourage attendees around the topic of Second Chance Employment: the practice of hiring people who have criminal backgrounds. At the event you will hear from those who have received a second chance (employees) and the people who hire and manage those employees, as well as spokespeople from organizations that help to support this mission, and dispel the myths that frequently come along with it. Join us to hear moving and motivational stories from those who have witnessed this first hand.

The Second Chance Summit presents the clear business and community benefits to employing people with criminal records.  But leveraging this talent pool and protecting your company from liability and litigation will require new practices for those involved in the hiring process.  There is no one size fits all— companies and industries need to consider unique risks, needs, and opportunities when developing your Fair Chance Employment policy. In this interactive breakout group, you will learn best practices for assessing the relevance of criminal records in hiring decisions, and leave with a goal-oriented action plan for your business. 

Who should attend the Summit?
If you are in any sort leadership position, own a business, make hiring decisions, work in human resources, or just want to learn more about this work in hopes of creating positive change in the business world, this event is for you.  Regardless of the industry, sector, or size of your business, the practice of Second Chance Employment can not only help expand your hiring pool but also positively impact the dynamic and energy at your company.



  • Kickoff Speaker
  • Second Chance Employee Panel
  • Morning Breakout Sessions
    • Debunking Myths Round Table 
    • The Business Case for Hiring Those with a Criminal Record with the Georgia Justice Project
  • Lunch & Networking
  • LIVE virtual fireside chat with Richard Branson
  • Afternoon Breakout Sessions
    • Practical Steps for Second Chance Employment in Your Company
  • Reentry Simulation
    • The reentry simulation is an interactive event that creates a powerful probation experience in just two hours. Participants must be willing to take part as probationers to experience what getting out of prison is really like.  This eye-opening event is designed for anyone who is concerned about community safety, has a family member or friend in prison, has a business and is a tax payer. It raises awareness and empathy in an exciting interactive experience and is appropriate for businesses, universities, the legal profession, large and small organizations, church groups and even high schools because 1 in 28 children has a parent in prison in America.






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  • Holly Hamilton
    commented 2017-12-08 07:00:43 -0800
    I would have loved to attend this event. Was it video taped? Is there another one planned, or any ongoing educational material i can tap into?
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