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AB1308: Extending Youth Offender Parole (YOP) for Young People

Enacted in 2012, Youth Offender Parole provides a specialized parole process for young people who were age 22 or under at the time of a crime and sentenced to long adult prison terms.


The YOP law requires the Parole Board to recognize a person’s youthfulness at the time of the crime as a mitigating factor, and for those with lengthy sentences, the law provides an opportunity for earlier parole.

What we know from over fours years of Youth Offender Parole experience is that this law has given thousands of people in prison real hope that they can return to home. 

Young people who have been incarcerated have a lower recidivism rate than other groups (less than 1%). Science is unequivocal about the fact that young people are still maturing into their mid-twenties. All of this supports the extension of YOP through age 25, which will affect 3,500 people currently in California. 

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Top photo credit: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

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