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#UnlockGenius: These Men Have a Story to Tell.

Our prisons house incredible talent and genius: mentors, artists, writers, and storytellers. We are honored to work with some of these brilliant men to share their stories of transformation, self-accountability, and healing from behind bars in a new collaboration with the San Quentin media lab called #UnlockGenius - a social media video project entirely conceived, directed, shot, edited, and scored by our partners on the inside.

The first chapter of #UnlockGenius focuses on Accountability
 and highlights the stories of Antwan Williams, Anouthinh “Choy” Pangtong, Adnan Khan, and Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll. These men take accountability for their crimes and discuss the ripple of effects their actions had on society, their victims, victims’ families, and their own loved ones. 

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#UnlockGenius - Chapter 1 - Antwan Williams' Story

Antwan reconciles with his past and the impact his actions had on his younger brother.

Antwan's Story
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#UnlockGenius - Chapter 1 - Anouthinh "Choy" Pangtong's Story

Choy talks about the impact his crime had on his victim's family and takes accountability for his actions. 

Choy's Story
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#UnlockGenius - Chapter 1 - Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll's Story

Wall Street is a financial literacy advocate currently incarcerated in San Quentin State Prison. Here, he describes his relationship with his father and how it changed after he went to prison.

Wall Street's Story
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#UnlockGenius - Chapter 1 - Adnan Khan's Story

Adnan discusses his trial and the jury selection process, which surprisingly included somebody from his childhood.

Adnan's Story
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We’re so excited to have your support as we spread the project across the nation!

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