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Statement on Senators Kamala Harris' and Rand Paul's Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act

From: Jessica Jackson Sloan, National Director of #cut50 and Mayor of Mill Valley, CA

I am excited to see Senators Harris and Paul putting aside their political differences to come together on this important issue. Leaders on both sides of the aisle have recognized the fact that money bail discriminately punishes poor people while not serving any public safety benefit. 

In fact, the negative impact of even just a few days sitting in jail unable to make bail can be huge-- it can cost a person their job, their homes, and even custody of their kids. This bill will strengthen state efforts to end money bail and force them to be accountable and transparent about their current practices.

For more information on the bill, and to see a list of endorsements, visit: https://www.harris.senate.gov/content/harris-paul-introduce-bill-encourage-states-reform-or-replace-unjust-costly-money-bail


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