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#cut50 Statement on New RNC Criminal Justice Attack Ad Ahead of VP Debate

Statement from Jessica Jackson Sloan, National Director of #cut50, on Republican National Committee attack ad:

“The latest Republican National Committee’s attack ad against Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine shows their complete failure to comprehend the Constitution and their disrespect for those of us fighting to protect it.

The ad, titled “America deserves better”, highlights Tim Kaine’s record as a public defense attorney, during which he represented clients who faced the death penalty.  In America, everyone who is charged with a crime- no matter how heinous- has the right to have an attorney assist in their defense against those charges.  

Having represented death row inmates myself, I know how crucial it is to our criminal justice system that all sides have a meaningful opportunity to present their evidence in order for the jury or judge to make their conclusion.  I also know how trying it can be to work these cases- the long hours, the low pay, and the responsibility of ensuring your client’s story is heard.  Tim Kaine is a true public servant for stepping up and taking on these difficult cases.

The RNC’s attack is also woefully out of step with growing conservative opposition to the death penalty.  Many conservatives have realized that the death penalty not only risks executing innocent individuals, but is also an enormous waste of precious resources.  These resources would be better spent preventing crimes and solving crimes than seeking retribution by execution. ”

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#cut50,­ an initiative of The Dream Corps­, is a national bipartisan effort to smartly and safely reduce America’s incarcerated population by 50 percent over the next 10 years.


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