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Washington, DC -- Today, President Obama announced clemencies for 111 deserving people currently behind bars in federal prisons.

Statement from Jessica Jackson Sloan, National Director of #cut50, in response to President Obama’s recent clemency announcement:

“Today President Obama took another huge step in the right direction by granting 111 clemencies -- adding up to over 400 clemencies in one historic month. These individuals have no significant history of criminal activity, have never committed a violent act, and yet have been incarcerated for more than a decade.  We urge the President to continue to grant clemencies at the pace he has been this month so that no man or woman who is eligible for release, has to die in prison”

Statement from Brittany Byrd, clemency recipient Darryl Lamar Reed’s lawyer and #ClemencyNow Campaign Director for #cut50:

“There is nothing like hearing a mother’s tears of joy at the news that her son is coming home after nearly three decades in prison.  We are thrilled that today the President will allow my client Darryl Lamar Reed and 110 deserving others to go home. Darryl has spent over 27 years behind bars for a nonviolent drug offense. He has been in prison since he was only 20 years old. The President’s gracious act of mercy today is encouraging. We urge him to continue to grant clemencies at historic numbers to ensure no one who meets his criteria is left behind bars when he leaves office.”

As part of President Obama’s clemency initiative, his Department of Justice issued guidelinesto release nonviolent drug offenders.  The initiative has granted more clemencies than the past 10 presidents combined, to a total of 673 deserving individuals. But hundreds if not thousands more people fit the criteria for safe release. And for them, time is running out.

Read more about the #ClemencyNow campaign urging President Obama to speed up his clemency initiative at cut50.org/ClemencyNOW

#cut50’s #ClemencyNow campaign launched earlier this month to urge the president to:  

  • Speed up his clemency initiative to ensure that every eligible person is released before he leaves office. The Bureau of Justice estimates that at least 2,000 eligible people are currently behind bars.

  • Triple the resources dedicated to his clemency initiative.

  • Issue an Executive Order placing the Office of the Pardon Attorney within the White House, reporting directly to the President -- eliminating unnecessary, multi-level bureaucratic review.

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#cut50 is a program of The Dream Corps, an non-profit organization that supports economic, environmental and criminal justice innovators. The Dream Corps supercharges changemaking strategies with world-class partnerships, smart digital tools and national media access.

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