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#ClemencyNOW: 1,715 Commutations and A Second Chance

In 2014, President Barack Obama directed the Department of Justice to prioritize clemency for thousands of nonviolent drug offenders. After two years, the sluggish pace of reviews threatened to leave many deserving men and women behind bars when the President left office in January. 

#ClemencyNOW urged President Obama to fulfill his promise to thousands of non-violent drug offenders languishing in federal prisons.

#cut50 called on the President to pull out all stops to make sure he keeps his promise. For a year, #ClemencyNOW organized celebrities, advocates, academics, and those directly impacted by the incarceration industry to spotlight the people, family members and communities that were all counting on the President.


In November 2016, we hosted Hope for the Holidays, a series of activities and events in Washington, D.C., in solidarity with family members of those seeking clemency calling on President Obama to give hope that their loved ones would return before the winter holidays. During the week, we also delivered hundreds of our #ClemencyNOW petitions to The White House. 

The initiative resulted in President Obama granting more clemencies than the past 9 presidents combined -- a total of 1,715 deserving people, including 324 who were serving life sentences, but thousands more may fit the criteria.

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