Dignity Act Georgia

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House Bill 857: The Dignity Act Georgia

Incarcerated women would be given adequate access to feminine hygiene products and medical information concerning menopause and any other health issue related to being a female. Pregnant women in Georgia prisons would no longer be required to squat or cough during a strip search. Except in exigent circumstances, male custodians shall not be in viewing proximity where incarcerated women bathe, shower, or are in a state of partial or full undress. Only female custodians shall conduct pat-down searches. The board and the Board of Public Safety shall ensure that wardens, sheriffs, police officers, or any other law enforcement officer working in female prisons would undergo gender sensitivity and trauma training. The department of corrections would also  take into consideration the location of an incarcerated woman's spouse, child, stepchild, parent, and stepparent when determining the location of the facility in which to place her.

Bill Status:  Check on the bill’s latest status here.

Bill Authors: David Dreyer (D-59th) and Karen Mathiak (R-73rd)

Coauthors: Joyce Chandler (R-105th),Erica Thomas (D-39th)Renitta Shannon (D-84th), Kim Schofield (D-60th)

Women Leading the Charge:


Pamela Winn


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