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Across the state, supporters are sending heartfelt, compelling letters to their Assemblymember and members on the CA Assembly Public Safety Committee in support of AB 1308 (Extending Youth Offender Parole).

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Who's endorsing

Madhu Panday
Sheweta sinha
Pinky Bansal
Jack arce
sarah berard
Ritika Patel
Megha Patil
Sheweta sinha
Priya Sharma
Shriya Sharma
aliya Shrama
Megha Patil
nancy bansal
Kinal Kaur
Avni Patil
Madhu pandy
Pooja Nehwal
Ritu das
Sonal gupta
Sonal gupta
Janvi vohra
Jenny Arora
Sabina khan
Michelle Hawkins
Aniya Ahuja
Brian Sharly
Sunita gupta
ankita pandy
Models ingoa
Tanya bhati
265 endorsements
150 endorsements

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